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From the District Newsletter
Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook…your child’s vice when it comes to feeling good about themselves. These social media apps, along with many others, are causing kids to find it more difficult to manage emotions, impulses, make good decisions, and actually creating lower self-esteem. Below are some tips to help your child navigate through the social media craze.
Apps such as Yik Yak or After School allow anonymous commenting by the author and some are tracked by GPS. If you find Calculator% or Audio Manager on your child’s cell phone, they may be trying to hide something. The list of new apps is continually growing and, as parents, we need to be aware of what is on our child’s phone.
Is your teen on their phone constantly? Have you noticed tables in a restaurant where everyone is on their phone and no one is talking to each other? First, be a good role model yourself. Just like a curfew is in place because we love and want to keep our kids safe, it is OK to set boundaries on cell phones and other technology devices.
There is no app that can let your child know how much you love them, that they are worthy, and deserve to be respected. Despite what the culture tells your child, their self- worth is not based on the number of Facebook friends they have, the number of likes for their pictures posted, or any 6 second Vine video that may be going viral. For additional information - focusonthefamily.com.



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