Moped Class

977 3rd Ave SW
Phone:712.546.7022 Fax: 712.546.7024




Moped Safety Class
Saturday September 7th 8:00-2:15 pm

Room C15 in Middle School (entrance J back by weight room)




LeMars community students please register with Mr Dalton and make checks payable to Bill Dalton or pay with cash. Cost is $35

The moped safety course will be Saturday September 7th from 8:00 to 2:15 (approximately).  We will go straight thru the lunch so your child should bring a sack lunch to eat dinner. At approximately 1:00 we will take the exam and hand out certificate of completion forms after they pass the exam. Some students will be done earlier then 2:15 so plan accordingly. It might be a good idea to have your child go to a friend’s house after the class to pick them up there.  If you have questions my phone number is 548-4453 (after 6:30 pm).

Moped Waiver Form

STUDENTS MUST ENTER THROUGH THE ENTRANCE J DOOR IN THE BACK OF THE MIDDLE SCHOOL. ALL OTHER DOORS WILL BE LOCKED. Go to the north parking lot of the school in the back of the school and by cinder track. Keep heading south and there is a half brick and half red steel fitness center.  Stop at the “J” entrance and go thru those doors and the classroom is the first door on your right.  Room C15.  I will be there around 7:45. 


Gehlen and other students outside of LeMars Community School district can sign up and pay on September 7th at the moped safety class.



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